Get to know all about Renew-Able Solutions, a company that are dedicated to driving a sustainable future through innovative renewable energy solutions.



Renew-able is an accredited sustainable energy consultancy and business solutions provider based in the UK that helps you reach your business sustainability goals.

An ever-evolving company that adapts to the environment, striving to deliver green energy to ensure a better and brighter future for the next generation. So let us make your business’ energy independent and efficient in a time of energy volatility and climate change.

Outlining our brand guidelines helps capture the essence of who we are and how we operate to ensure Renew-able is a brand people buy from, partner with and invest in. Don’t wait until green energy and net zero commitments become mandatory; start saving on your energy bills this year. Green energy grants that can help you through this process are currently available, making now the perfect time to implement your business sustainability goals.


Meet our dynamic team of passionate individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. From creative minds shaping innovative solutions to dedicated professionals ensuring seamless operations, we take pride in the diverse talents that make our team a powerhouse of collaboration and success.

Darren Bolton - Commercial Director


Commercial Director

A commercial director within a renewable energy consultancy plays a pivotal role in driving the business’s success and sustainability initiatives. Darren is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing commercial strategies, including identifying new market opportunities and negotiating contracts with clients and partners. He collaborates closely with technical experts to translate renewable energy solutions into viable commercial propositions, often balancing the need for innovation with financial feasibility.


Operations Director

As the Operations Director, Arlene serves as the linchpin for operational efficiency and strategic alignment. Responsible for overseeing and optimising diverse processes, her strategic planning, process optimisation, and resource management. Collaborating closely with the management teams to ensures that operational goals align with the overarching business objectives. By cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, the Operations Director contributes significantly to the company’s overall success, ensuring that operational processes evolve with changing needs and challenges. Her reporting and analysis efforts provide invaluable insights to executive leadership, facilitating informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

CAITLIN DOCHERTY - Marketing Executive


Marketing Executive

A marketing executive in a renewable energy consultancy is responsible for promoting the company’s sustainable energy solutions and services. This role involves creating and implementing marketing strategies to raise awareness about the consultancy’s offerings, generate leads, and attract potential clients. Marketing executives develop and execute marketing campaigns, manage digital and offline channels, create engaging content, and leverage social media to showcase the consultancy’s expertise in renewable energy technologies. She also monitor market trends and competition, conduct market research, and gather customer feedback to refine marketing strategies and better understand client needs. Ultimately, marketing executives play a vital role in building the consultancy’s brand, establishing credibility in the renewable energy sector, and contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

MARIANNA MORRIS - Operations Admin


Operations Co-Ordinator

An Operations Admin helps support the operations manager and sales team within the company providing administrative support to ensure the smooth functioning of the projects and operations. This role involves managing schedules, coordinating meetings, and handling documentation related to project contracts, permits, and regulatory compliance. Marianne’s attention to detail and organisational skills are essential in helping to adhere to industry standards and deliver projects efficiently, acting as a central hub for communication between different teams and clients.

GRANT THOMSON - Sales Advisor


Sales Surveyor

Grant’s daily work involves promoting and selling sustainable energy solutions and services to clients, businesses, and organisations. He is responsible for identifying potential clients, understanding their energy needs and sustainability goals, and crafting tailored proposals that showcase the consultancy’s renewable energy offerings. With his in-depth knowledge of renewable energy technologies and their benefits and the ability to communicate complex technical information clearly and compellingly. Playing a crucial role in building and nurturing client relationships, often collaborating with technical and project teams to ensure the successful implementation of renewable energy projects.


Renew-able Solutions gave us a range of options we could use for the problems we were going to incure and then when we selected the product, they went through in detail how it would work for us and the benefits we would reserve…they know their business and its highly worth having a chat with renew-able solution so you can find out how they can best meet you and your need.

Steve McKenzie – The Calmin Co

Drumpellier Golf Club would like to thank renew-able solutions for the successful installation of solar panels onto their main roof of the Clubhouse. The process from quotation to installation and final commissioning was carried out in a professional manner and as programmed by renew-able solutions. Renew-able solutions and their scaffolding subcontractors also took into account the installation of the panels had to be done in a safe manner with as little impact on the daily operations of the Golf Club, which they successfully achieved.

Drumpellier Golf Club

Renew-able Solutions planned ad delivered our solar system with the utmost professional and helpful manner, from original advice to complete installion was reasonable priced and completely hassle free. the 11kw system has been installed for a couple of months and is working well and watching, in effect free power come into our business is fantastic.

David Buchan – Newmill Fishery